Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm specializes in merger and acquisition mandates and often serves clients in an advisory role prior to a transaction. Our merger and acquisition services include the representation of directors, shareholders, and managers considering or confronted with potential mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, buyouts and similar types of transactions.

Sale Mandate

In a sale mandate, we assist in establishing client goals; valuing the business entity; preparing a sales memorandum that describes the business; identifying, researching and selecting qualified buyers; structuring and negotiating the transaction; anticipating obstacles and resolving issues so that transactions proceed smoothly; reviewing documents and working with attorneys and accountants through the final closing of the transaction.


acquisitionAcquisition Mandate

In an acquisition mandate, we develop acquisition criteria with the client, survey the marketplace, identify and initiate contact with suitable and approved candidates, negotiate transaction terms and conditions, and oversee the transaction through closing, as required by the client. For tender offers, we help our clients develop acquisition strategies; we also assist clients in defending against either unfriendly or unsolicited takeover attempts or activity.


Fairness Opinions

During many types of financial transactions, corporations, directors, special committees and management, and others with fiduciary responsibility often seek a fairness opinion from a qualified corporate advisor. Our firm provides these opinions and valuations which serve as important and prudent input for the formation of critical decisions faced by the directors, special committees, managers and shareholders.