Corporate Finance Advisory

Our corporate finance advisory services typically include advising on capital formation, re-engineering balance sheets, restructuring bank facilities, conducting valuations, providing strategic advice and/or participating at the board of directors level with select clients.shock1

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These services may include advice on strengthening the balance sheet, including refinancing of current debt and/or the solicitation of new financing sources; consultation on the disposition or acquisition of a division or separate corporate entity; determining the best time to prepare for and file an initial or secondary public offering; assisting a financial or corporate entity with long-range strategic planning as it relates to acquisitions and divestitures; and assisting senior management with overall long-term planning.



We offer extensive experience in providing valuations of both public and private entities. Such valuations have been used for estate planning, minority interest transactions, pre-merger/acquisition planning, ESOPs, FASB 141/142 (Goodwill) analysis and a wide range of other corporate and personal uses.