Furnishings Digest

Driven by founding partner Jerry Epperson’s respected insight and long-term commitment to the furniture and mattress industries, Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd. publishes the monthly Furnishings Digest Newsletter in addition to various manufacturing, retail, distribution, strategy and demographic reports that are available for purchase individually or by annual subscription. For more information, please email research@maeltd.com or call (804) 644-1200.

Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd. publishes the Furnishings Digest, a monthly research piece dating back to 1974 that is distributed by paid subscription to furniture manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and other industry participants. Our research is also provided to various furniture associations, trade press organizations, and other interested parties such as the International Trade Administration and the Federal Reserve Bank’s Board of Governors. A free monthly e-newsletter gives insight into industry trends and is distributed to thousands worldwide.

The proprietary nature of the Furnishings Digest, with its exclusive surveys and data interpretation, keeps Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd. close to the industry, including but not limited to, daily dialogues with industry leaders in both the public and private sectors. Data is coordinated with industry associations and governmental sources to maintain the accuracy and integrity of our research.

Special Furnishings Digest studies in various industry sectors, characteristics and topics along with economics and demographic research keep our firm in front of the industry and its investors by scrutinizing and presenting data that is very difficult, if not impossible, for others to attain in the marketplace. While our demographic studies were established to help analyze the furniture business, we have found them to be highly beneficial to clients across the entire consumer sector.  We try to look “behind the numbers” and determine which macroeconomic factors, industry trends and intangibles will drive both the industry and individual company results.

With our research publications, we attempt to make a real difference within the industry. In addition to writing a bi-weekly column in Furniture Today, the industry’s leading business weekly with 22,000 readers, Jerry Epperson is a member of the Economic Forecast Panel of the International Sleep Products Association, a board member of the Furniture Library, a member of the American Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation and a regular columnist for the National Home Furnishings Association’s trade journals.