Our partners and professionals have generated long-lasting client relationships across a broad universe of strategic and financial firms. The client-focus, execution and integrity we bring to each and every transaction are the factors that distinguish us from other financial advisory firms.



focusSince our inception in 1991, we have generated long-term relationships by focusing on our clients’ needs through the utilization of senior level and experienced professionals. Our commitment to putting our clients’ objectives ahead of our own has allowed our firm to succeed in the face of changing climates and markets.

Too many investment banks exploit the reputation of their senior-level bankers in order to win business only to pass the majority of the work on to less experienced, junior members of their firm. You have highly specialized needs that deserve the attention of a seasoned professional. One or more of our named Partners will always be an integral part of the service we provide you.



Our deal teams are highly focused, thorough and responsive. We view each client and transaction as unique and tailor our solutions accordingly. Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd. believes in a team-oriented process that includes company management, legal counsel, and accountants.

Our clients have the utmost confidence that senior-level professionals are leveraging the entirety of our firm’s resources to add value to their business. Over the past 25 years, our partners have represented hundreds of clients equating to billions of dollars in value. We’ve been honing our process and perfecting our execution for decades, resulting in one of the most professional, effective and tailored approaches in the business.


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At Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd. we focus on developing long-term relationships based on trust, candor and shared success. Our deep and long-standing client base reflects this strategy that is dedicated to integrity. We pride ourselves on bringing the highest level of integrity to our daily activities and research offerings, which are independent from investment banking activities within the firm. We want to be your partners for corporate growth.

Our proven track record of results and integrity-based client relationships are what set us apart.

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